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Petaflops in the Year 2009

Steven J. Wallach
CenterPoint Venture Partners / Chiaro Networks

Steven J. Wallach co-founded Convex Computer Corporation, along with Robert J. Paluck, former chairman and CEO, in 1982. Wallach was the chief designer of the Convex C-Series, the world's first affordable supercomputer, as well as the Exemplar Scalable Parallel Processor (SPP), HP/Convexs.

Wallach is currently an advisor to CenterPoint ( Venture Partners, Dallas, Texas and Vice President of Technology of Chiaro Networks (, Richardson, Texas. Wallach may be best known outside HPCN circles as the Data General engineer who was the principal architect of the 32-bit Eclipse MV superminicomputer series as described by Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy Kidder in The Soul of A New Machine.

Wallach holds 33 patents in various areas of computer design and held a joint appointment in the Graduate School of Management and Brown School of Engineering, Computer Science, Rice University for the 1998 and 1999 academic years. He is a member of the PITAC (Presidential Advisory Board on High Performance Computing, Communications, and Networking) and the advisory committee for the Hybrid Technology MultiThreaded Architecture (HTMT) a US DOD funded project to develop the concepts for a PETAFLOP computer. He is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering.