The SC2000 Media Room will be located in Room D-326 near the main lobby of the Dallas Convention Center. All media representatives are asked to check in at the Media Room upon arrival. If you preregistered by Friday, Oct. 20, you can pick up your registration in the Media Room. If you are planning to register at the conference, you'll need to have your credentials verified at the Media Room before your registration can be completed. See the Media Registration Guidelines for credentialing information.

The SC2000 Media Room will provide:

  • Telephones - the main Media Room phone number is 214-743-2696
  • Computers (both Mac and PC) with Internet connections for email and Web access;
  • A printer
  • Exhibitor media kits
  • On-line exhibitor information
  • Message board
  • Calendar of events showing daily highlights
  • Refreshments

We are tentatively planning to staff the Media Room during the following hours to help you with facilities, scheduling interviews, or any other activities to assist in your coverage of SC2000. Please check the Media Room at the conference for the final schedule.

Media room hours are:

Saturday Nov 4 3-5 pm
Sunday Nov 5 1-4 pm
Monday Nov 6 9 am - 6 pm
Tuesday Nov 7 9 am - 6 pm
Wednesday Nov 8 9 am - 6 pm
Thursday Nov 9 9 am - 5 pm

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Media Relations Coordinator Jon Bashor at


Thank you for your interest in attending and covering SC2000. We have updated the media registration policies and procedures in hopes of streamlining the process for everyone.

You must be a reporter, writer, editor, publisher, photographer, or videographer assigned by a local, regional, national, or international publication to cover SC2000. Qualified media representatives will be registered at no cost.


We define qualified media representatives as meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Full-time employees of media organizations must present a press pass, business card or a letter from a supervisor confirming the registrant is on assignment to cover SC2000.

  • Freelance writers, photographers, or videographers must verify they have been retained to cover SC2000 by presenting a letter from a recognized news organization or a publication related to the high-performance computing industry. Alternately, you may present clips of published articles you have written about past SC conferences.

  • Computer Press Association (CPA), National Association of Science Writers (NASW), or National Writers Union (NWU) press cards with current, full membership status are accepted as proof of press credentials.


To register, (advance registration is strongly encouraged and will mean less time waiting in line at the conference) please contact SC2000 Media Coordinator Jon Bashor at for credential verification.

Advance registration must be received by 5:00pm Eastern Time, Friday, October 13, 2000. Those received after this date may not be acknowledged and must be resubmitted for processing at SC 2000 at the Dallas Convention Center.

Those who register in advance may pick up their conference materials at the Dallas Convention Center in the Media Room beginning Saturday, November 4, after 1 p.m. (see Media Room hours).

Registration Confirmation

Written confirmation of conference registration will be sent by postal mail within five days of receiving your registration. If you do not receive confirmation, please call +1-202-371-1013 or send email to

Media Guidelines:

Registration Limit: A limit of two media/analyst passes will be issued per organization.

Industry Analysts: To register as an industry analyst, must have a valid credential (see above criteria). If requested, must show proof of previous publications referring to SC.

If you have any questions, please contact SC2000 Media Room Coordinator Jon Bashor at