Research Exhibitors,

It is time to order furniture and electricity for your SC2000 Research booth. For this you will use the order forms in your Exhibitor Kit however you will receive FREE quantities of each. Please read the following carefully.

General Information

You MUST place an order for each resource (electrical and furniture), in order to receive any of that resource. There is NO DEFAULT order.

For each category of resource, you will receive benefits relative to your booth size. The basis of the free resource is per 100 feet of booth space with the free benefit maxing out at 400 square feet. In other words a 10x10 booth gets one unit of free resources; 10x20 booths get 2 units of free resources; 20x20 and larger booths get 4 units of free resources.

Credit is only allowed for the specified resource; it cannot be used against other available items. Credit is not given for items not ordered. For example,if you are eligible to receive 3 tables and choose to order only two, credit may only be taken for two tables. The directions for claiming the credit are provided for each type of resource.


The electrical credit is for one 600 watt outlet per unit, up to a maximum of four (4). Order by November 1st to avoid additional charges. The maximum credit that can be claimed is

1 unit: $49.60
2 units: $99.20
3 units: $148.80
>3 units (4 and higher): $198.40

To claim the credit, complete the electrical form as directed on the "Electrical Service Order Form", section 4 of the Exhibitor Kit. The price for the 5amp, 600 watt, 120 volt connection is $62.00. There is a 20% discount if ordered by November 1, which brings the price down to $49.60. Therefore you would complete the order information on the left side of the form using the pricing information from the table onthe upper right. Then take the 20% Advance Order Discount on the line shown in red. On one of the lines in the "Supplies, Materials and Goods" section write Research Exhibit Discount and insert the appropriate dollar amount for the number of units to which you are entitled. Then enter the Grand Total on the appropriate line.


The research area is carpeted in black. Order furniture by Ocober 28th to avoid additional charges. You select the color of table drapes that you want. Table/Counter credit is for 6' tables/counters only.

For each unit, you may receive Advance Price credit for:

    one (1) 6' draped table [item A, part# C130630] -OR- one (1) 6' draped counter [item B, part# C131642]
    three (3) side chairs [item D, part# CC110105] -OR- two (2) grey padded stools [item C, part# C110112]

Additional furniture can be ordered from the Exhibitor Kit and the charges will be your responsiblity. You will receive credit only for the items ordered; credit cannot be taken for optional furniture. The credit should be taken as the last line on the order table. Please show the credit as "Research Exhibitor Credit" on the order form.

If you have any questions, please send e-mail to