SC2000 Exhibition Hall Presentations

The SC2000 webcast team recorded the following demonstrations and presentations from the Exhibition floor. We are gradually making them available on-line.

NCSA booth R804
       IA-64 Cactus (Tom Goodale)

Purdue University booth R198
       Enabling Technologies for HPC Portals (Nirav Kapadia)

AFRL booth R1215
       Computational Cluster of Commodity Processors (Lt. Peter Hsieh)

ORNL booth R587
       Common Component Architecture Framework (Jim Kohl)

ORNL booth R587
       Harness C Core (Wael Elwasif)

ORNL booth R587
       Advanced CUMULVS Viewers (Torsten Wilde)

Osaka University booth R900
       Computer Science Meets Medicine

Entropia (Venture Village)
       Peer-to-Peer Computing on the Desktop (Andrew Chien)

Applied Meta-Computing booth 413
       Legion: Infrastructure for Distributed Resource Sharing (Andrew Grimshaw)

Yotta Yotta, Inc. Booth 1066
       Delivering a truly scalable storage solution

eSCape 2000 (SDSC)
       GridPort Anywhere (Steve Mock)

NASA booth R695
       Swirler Flow in a Jet Engine Combustor (Jay Horowitz)

East Carolina University booth R914
       Visualization Applications for Teaching and Research (Wendy Creasey)

Boston University booth R892
       Turbine Dynamics (Ariella Rebbi / Russ Wolf)

NPACI booth R904
       Development of a Telescience Portal (Martin Hadida)

NPACI booth R904
       Multi-Component Models for Energy and the Environment (Alan Sussman)

University of Manchester booth R1236
       A Global Supercomputer: Part 1 (John Brooke / KauKab Jaffri)
       A Global Supercomputer: Part 2

NPACI booth R904
       Scalable Visualization Toolkits (David Hart)

eSCape 2000 (Trace R&D Center)
       Middleware and the eSCaped Web (Kate Vanderheiden)

OSC booth R1006
       Virtual Simulation of Temporal Bone Dissection (Kathryn Kelley)

High Performance Technologies booth 173
       Extreme Computing Solutions (Adam Brotman)